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Vinyl Decking Installation Throughout the Greater Vancouver Area

Vinyl decking is rising in popularity and for good reason. Built to withstand high foot traffic, vinyl can be applied to almost any surface. With 20 years of experience, we weld the seams of the vinyl deck together to ensure it is fully waterproof against the rain. Your new decking won’t crack or peel and will last for years while maintaining a high-quality finish.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Easy Maintenance: When you’re deck gets dirty, simply sweep and mop! Due to the durability of the finish, our decks are super easy to clean. No maintenance is required either than cleaning.

Weather resistant: Built to withstand the meanest of Canadian weather, our decks are completely waterproof. For our rainy climate on the Lower Mainland, this is vital to avoid rot from occurring. Know that come rain or snow, your deck will last through it all for you to enjoy when the sun decides to shine.

Durability: Vinyl decking typically lasts 3 times longer than wood. Save money in the long run, avoid yearly upkeep, and avoid splinters in your feet. Your deck will last much longer than the wooden alternative, saving you money in the long run.

Variety: Vinyl decking comes in endless colours, sizes, and finishes. You’re guaranteed to find a look that will compliment your house’s style. Mimic the look of wood or opt for a textured finish. The wide variety of vinyl options is the key to having a fully customized look for your home.

DeckRite is our main vinyl deck supplier and are backed by a 10-year warranty. We also have a variety of other suppliers to find the right pattern for your home. Vinyl decking is a great investment for the exterior of your home for you to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Call us to get your free quote.

Dove Grey
Tropical Brown
Marble grey
Granite Grey
Sahara Brown
Sierra Cream
Pebble Stone Tan
Pebble Stone Grey
Slate Grey
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